Buchona means: Buchona, which means “cuello grand”, translates as big neck or large neck. This was originally from Sinaloa. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jenny Carlson)

What else does Buchona mean?

  • Narco Wife. A wife to a Mexican drug lord. The sugar daddy of a Mexican drug lord is a woman. This lifestyle is popularized by some Latinas who try to make it look cool being “buchona”. It’s dangerous, and it is not something young women should aspire towards. A buchona is able to afford brand-name clothing and birkin bags and cosmetic surgery. Her man also pays her for fake titties, big fake asses, or BBLs that transfer her fat from her stomach to her ans. He can then show her off in his mamalona, take her out to dinner at fancy restaurants, and make her look like a trophy woman. This is a fashion statement for Mexican drug dealers looking to make new cash. This desire to be loved by men is not new. This is not feminist. This is a way to profit from the drug-dealing lifestyle that Mexican women live. Domestic violence victims are often also victims of many misogynistic husbands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Simmons)
  • Mexican colloquial expression for women with low social status that are or want to become mob wives. Buchonas are often very extravagant in appearance. Long hair of Buchonas is dyed in a low-quality jet-black, or an inexpensive brassy blonde. They have thick eyebrows with a deep, drawn in look, bright red lipsticks and a pale foundation. They love to wear long acrylic nails with rhinestones, in the hopes that they will attract buchon men. These people drive large SUVs or trucks with tinted windows and blaring corridos or banda through the windshields. This is a terrible music genre which appeals to both the working class and those who have high-earning, questionable incomes. They are usually from Sinaloa, a northern Mexican state. However, they can be found in other parts of the country as well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tess Wilcox)