Bryn mawr camp means: Camp located in Honesdale, PA. A true haven. It is a place for anyone to be who they are and enjoy the company of their closest friends. Every camper feels at home as soon as they step onto the main campus via the Avery bus. They fear the day when they have to leave the flowers behind. It’s a great way to make lasting memories with friends, and it gives you the confidence that everyone is there for you. Bryn mawr, the velveteen lake and the giving tree like to preserve their traditions. Lake Bryn Mawr Camp wouldn’t be the same without cabin row and SING. Lake Bryn Mawr is like a family to you and they will become your best friends. Bryn mawr is a place where the colors of green and gold are your life. You won’t see a day when you don’t need to be dressed in uniform again. You will be able to meet your sisters at camp and cherish every minute you are there. Lake Bryn Mawr Camp is the best. We are so lucky to live in a special place that it is hard for us to say goodbye. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cailyn Garrett)