Bruski means: Similar to “Bru”, a “Bruski”, however, is used more sarcastically. It mocks people who use “Bru” frequently. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Rios)

What else does Bruski mean?

  • A Bruski, a European word for enjoying a chilled beer with a Polish politician is called. Poland is home to a high level of alcohol consumption. This culture has its roots in monarchy and nobility. Pope John Paul II made a statement to young boys that “eat, drink, and loosen up your belt”. It is still very common in Poland to spend time this way. But, don’t think that Polish streets will be filled with overweight and drunken people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Artemio López)
  • Beer that is best enjoyed chilled. This term is not a formal definition of beer, but it comes from the word “Brew” (in Community Dictionary, added by Darion Schaefer)
  • Expats from the Kujawsko–Pomorskie area of Poland use the term “governmental abuse” to refer to the Polish bureaucratic process that is used to deny citizens their rights. This term is named after Rafal Brski, a Polish politician who created the art. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)