brup means: Similar to burp, but with a distinct memey flavor. It’s like a shrug. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Moreno)

What else does brup mean?

  • Starbucks is the most famous brand of coffee that has a cup with a drink hole. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aspen Sutton)
  • Used to describe vomiting. It contains the first letters of “bring” as well as “up”, and sounds similar to the act of vomiting. You might feel “bruppish” if you are feeling sick, or “brupper,” if someone is throwing up. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krystal Lester)
  • 1. A group exclamation that is used when someone achieves something 2. To bribe someone up, is to beat them shitless 3. Celebrate with joy pronounced: BBRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Actuate)
  • Most of British society today uses the term “Brup”, which is a secondary development of “Brap”. Multi-defined saying can have multiple meanings. 1. Person of higher social standing, class or overall status Unfortunately, wealth was humiliated before the public. “Brup” is used to indicate success and draw. attention. 2. The “Brup” signify the social class that you belong to This is because they are “UK spongers”. 3. This is used to indicate a need for attention. Chavs This can be seen in the town centre, but not outside. Local Mc. Donald’s and KFC. (in Community Dictionary, added by Balduino Ferrer)
  • One word is spoken, followed by the rolling of the “b”, and then the “r”, culminating in the crescendo with the “up”. 1. A call made between two rude boys in order to find each other. It is similar to howling monkeys screaming. 2. Something to shout when drunk or if you want to make lots of noise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jolie Kirk)