Bruh Moment means: You can use the words “Bruh Moment” at any moment, including funerels and brirthdays as well as traumatic events. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leo Cannon)

What else does Bruh Moment mean?

  • A “bruh moment” is when an unexpected and shocking event occurs that the victim cannot respond other than with “Bruh”. The “Bruh Velocity”, or “BV”, which can also be translated as “Bad Vibes” is a measure of a bruh moment. Low signs of BV are evident in the example of pizza not being prepared. Karen’s actions with the children, however, show a much higher velocity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Araceli Sáez)
  • One moment that will make you say “Bruh!” (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Willis)
  • It’s one of those moments when you just want to say “bruh.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Anton Benjamin)
  • This is pure awe and amazement caused by a silly, absurd action. It usually triggers a gasp or a “Bruh”, thus the name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abel Schroeder)
  • Bruh moments are a general term that covers all circumstances that warrant a response, regardless of whether it is shock, awe or other strong felt emotions. These situations call for a loud, low voice to exclaim ‘Bruh!’ The majority of men who use the term ‘bruh” are males. However, the S.O.B. Society of Bruh, a progressive union of gamer bros that doesn’t care if a man or woman uses the word bruh, is a cooperative of verified gamers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mia Mcneil)