brown shirts means: Liberals are a group. If the judiciary fails, will use force to get others to accept their views. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ismael Santiago)

What else does brown shirts mean?

  • The Nazi regime’s soldiers in Hitler’s storm trooper armies, SA. Because of their colored shirts, they were known as this. A brown shirt refers to calling someone a Nazi soldier. This is usually a hint that they are against human rights and freedom. It is considered a serious insult and is often used in forums to flame someone. Hitler was able to use many forces in order to achieve his goals. Storm Troopers, also known as the SA or Storm Troopers was one of those forces. Brown Shirts were the name given to SA soldiers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Cano)
  • The Republicans are what they have become. Brown shirts, especially at the lower levels of government, are full of angry thugs who hate monkey boy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Warner)