Broski means: Broski can be described as someone who you could basically call your brother. Broskis are never mad at one another and always on each other’s side. Many times, you can do all things together. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Nicholson)

What else does Broski mean?

  • A name for a male friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Remedios Núñez)
  • You can only call your close friends by this name, but they can also call you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Christine Kirk)
  • A term that’s used among friends and usually replaces “man” or the “bro”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mekhi Cain)
  • Broski means “my ride or die”. It means that no matter how difficult or frustrating it may be, we will get through it together. He is like a family member. When I fight, he is my only peace. And Secretly kind and caring. He is someone I admire and can call when I’m in trouble, in need of help or need him. His friendship is something I can talk to about any topic with, and someone who I feel safe sharing my most intimate secrets with. He’s my big brother. A broski can be your best friend. Christ’s brother, A friend to live with. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landyn Cowan)
  • Bro. Broski is for the closes of friends. Broski is not for everyone. Your broskis should be kept close to you. Broskis are worth keeping for life if they’re worthy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rylan Mills)
  • Name your best friend a special name that is like a brother. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Andrews)