Broseidon means: A college swimming team’s dick captain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylee Barnett)

What else does Broseidon mean?

  • This refers to the accumulation of many tool-like attributes that leads to one’s bro-ness. They are the lords of all brosephs. These men are considered gods in certain circles. This is the name of an alpha male from a broseph pack. It can be used to greet, insult, or compliment, depending on the context. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zachary Thomas)
  • Bro with an incredible love for Xbox 360s and Keystone Lights. Dane Cook is his favorite bro. His broticity has given him a superhuman degree of unfettered power, making him a God. Brosef Stalin is not to be confused, although he’s a respectable man, but he is considered lower than the Broseidon. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooklyn Cantrell)