bro killer means: The first off bros is all the losers wearing skin. Listen to kmk, icp. They all display dgaf on their myspace names and wear tight-skinned shirts, baggy pants, and flip up their hats. They mostly use dirt bikes, and some other junk motorbikes. They have hot, slut girlfriends who are called brohoes. Bro killer shirts were once stocked by Bygon Industries until their owner Nick became scared of them and decided to stop making them. Bro killer is an emo or scene child or wannabe hardcore teenager who wants to be cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Issac Hunter)

What else does bro killer mean?

  • Southern Californians with enough common sense to hate the bros. These are men with the DGAFdont care a fuck or SRHstoners reakon havoc stickers on their trucks, and who worship kottonmouth kingz. Bro killers could be anyone. Bro killers can be emo children, gangsters or preps. It’s like the united nations. Bro killers have the most intelligence in the entire world. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matilda Cochran)