Bro Hole means: This man cave is not as big as you expected. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matilda Wright)

What else does Bro Hole mean?

  • Bro-Hole, a form of combat sports in which two individuals fight each other in a pit while under the influence of alcohol, is called Bro-Hole. Bro-Hole matches are a great way to learn self-defense, resolve disputes or just for fun. Bro-Hole, while still in its early stages, was founded in Chicago, Il. It was created in Chicago, Il. during the spring 2012. Bro-Hole was founded by Kevin Kennath, a Chicago native. However, local match regulations and rules vary. Bro-Hole has no governing body. Bro-Hole matches are most often two people. Bra-Hole matches can be between two people. However, traditionally, participants are male. Although matches tend to be spontaneous, planned matches can also occur. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Hodges)
  • A girl who has had sex for a while with a group of girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Heath)
  • If you’re really looking for some sex, a friend can help you get inside. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eduvigis Parra)
  • This hole is for your closest friend in time of emergency. If you do not push back, it’s not homosexual. (in Community Dictionary, added by David Carmona)