Brianna means: How do I start? Brianna will be someone that you always desire in your life. She is a wonder, and her beauty will amaze anyone. You would be blessed to have her as a friend. Although she is a little crazy, you will find that she can be a good friend and someone with whom to have deep conversations. Brianna will always support you, no matter what. And remember Brianna is in this friendshiprelationship for the long run, once you’ve got one. Never let her go. (in Community Dictionary, added by MedorEschew)

What else does Brianna mean?

  • One of the most beautiful and sexiest friends you can have. Each inch of her is a masterpiece, and every word she speaks is holy. Her place in the museum is rightfully hers. Brianna has a great sense of humor, is smart and can dance like a boss. She’s creative and artistic and can accomplish anything. You’ll be happy with her and she will light up your heart. She can dance in the bedroom and on the dancefloor. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)
  • Brianna, a funny and adventurous girl, is very talented. Although she may appear shy and quiet, once you know her you will see that she is a rebellious, funny girl. She is a bright, funny girl who will succeed in all aspects of life. She is a smart, intelligent girl who should be surrounded by great men. No one can tell her that she’s not a beautiful girl. You will remember her as a friend that you will cherish forever. She is a talented musician who inspires others to do the same. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abigayle Mcdonald)
  • She’s the friend that anyone could ask for. You can count on her to be there when you need it. She is loyal and will stand by her friends. A guy who is fortunate enough to be able to call her his best friend will never regret it. Her best friend will be just as fortunate. When you feel down or discouraged, a random memory of hers will come to your mind and bring a smile to your face. You will feel good just by being with her. She is trustworthy with everything, and knows that “don’t tell anyone” doesn’t mean “don’t tell anyone”. Although it can be difficult to gain her trust it is worth it. It doesn’t matter if you are her best friend or boyfriend, any type of relationship is great. It’s like being a friend to a sister. She is a great friend and gives excellent advice. She is funny and sweet. You can tell she is beautiful. You end up liking her because she is crazy and weird. She is an incredible musician and will always strive to improve her skills. You can’t deny that she is a Christian. You should not mess with her because she will unleash multiple ninjas on you and make sure that you are never seen again. She’s incredible, and she will be a treasured memory that you will cherish forever. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laylah Riley)
  • She is the most gorgeous girl you’ll ever meet. Although she can sometimes be shy and quiet, once you let go, you find that she can be very down-to-earth, charming, funny, or even irritating. Because she’s compassionate and carries her heart, she will stand up for her friends even when it involves putting her pride aside. Although she can be a bit self-conscious and sometimes creepy at times, don’t let this stop you from getting acquainted with her. She is quite cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by María Díaz)
  • A strong, but gentle girl. She is described as charming and outgoing. Her personality and attitude attracts people. She is very social. Can make friends and attract many men. She is a great girlfriend. Although she may seem mean to some, it is because she’s smart and strong-minded. She is able to handle her own affairs and doesn’t rely on anyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Lamb)
  • Named “Brianna”, the name refers to a girl who is beautiful, smart, and talented. Brianna, a name that means “Brianna”, is a talented singer and writer. These people are great friends, and care deeply about other people. Everybody wants to be friends and have fun with Brianna. Brianna is a perfectionist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Donato Vega)