Brandism means: Russell Brand’s religion, also called the Russelligion. He has been awarded the award he deserved, which is a miracle on his legs. citin’. These nine brandmants are known as Brandians, the worshipers of Jesus Christ. 1. You must make every day words into Brand phrases when using them. eg. “That’s exciting” now becomes “Citin also ridiculous.” etc. 2. You will always purchase the best cat food. 3. You must not miss Saturday evening mass. BBC radio 2 show 4. It is important to treat animals with respect. 5. There are no prisons. Punishment is completely done by pinping. 6. If in doubt, Thou shall always use the Booky Wook 7. Bookywook can be signed to create a shrine for russell, and to collect items he touches to form a holy collection. 8. At all times, hair must be large. Hairspray Elnett must be used at all times 9. It is important to always recognize the new appearances of boots. Any of the brandments that are damaged or disused will be subject to severe pinping and squashing by holy rootin’ tootin’ boots. Viva la Russolution. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kennedi Lester)