boyt means: The acronym BOYT stands for the Bottom Of YouTube B.O.Y.T. The BOYT, an acronym that stands for the Bottom Of YouTube B.O.Y.T. is an online community which mainly exists in the area of Youtube’s bottom. This channel is full of diversity and provides the most entertaining entertainment available on YouTube. Although there are many channels, most of them feature Van Dwellers and Drama Queens. You will not find a more viscous group of trolls online than the ones on BOYT. The bottom is where you will find all kinds of trolling, including Doxing, Swatting and Doxing. The BOYT is often mistaken for a group or club, but it’s actually a destination. Once you are accepted into the BOYT, there’s no turning back. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ian Black)

What else does boyt mean?

  • A Boyt is someone who possesses the rare qualities of being one. Boyts can be lonely and believe that pictures are real. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rosa Acosta)
  • Synonym for sperm. This is used when your comment should be particularly disgusting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aydin Hartman)
  • I agree with you, reppin’ wat u think. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolyn Robinson)