bouldering means: A man shaming his testicles on the testicles and testicles of another, often to make fun of them, but mostly for sexual pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)

What else does bouldering mean?

  • The origins of sport came from climbing. It consisted of short “moves”, movements of the arms that allowed the body to move up climbing walls, rock boulders, or house walls. This requires a lot of strength on the fingers and other special techniques. This is usually called a problem. A thick foam mattress known as “crashpad” is the only form of protection that is allowed for climbers. Problems with bouldering rarely rise above 3-4 meters above ground. Sometimes “Solving” problems requires you to do unexpected movements. This could include “pinching” hold with your heels or jumping from one hold to the next doing a “dyno”. While style is important, what is really important is reaching the “top”. John Gill (the “human fly”), a bored rock climber in California and France developed bouldering in the 1960’s as an off-season pastime. However, indoor climbing walls, often made by amateurs and gyms that offer rock climbing, have become popular in the 1990’s making bouldering a more mainstream sport than, for example, skateboarding. Bouldering’s popularity is partly due to its affordability. Outdoor bouldering requires only a pair or two of climbing shoes. The competition circuit is lively all over the globe, with bouldering venues almost everywhere. Bouldering has become more of an urban activity than an outdoor sport. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addisyn Cherry)
  • Climbing without the use of ropes, or any other technical equipment on small rocks faces or boulders. (in AZ Dictionary)