Boukaki means: Boukaki, a Japanese festival where men of all ages will semen and masturbate in one place is known as Boukaki. They will then pass the container containing semen, approximately 500ml in volume to a woman of legal age. She will consume it. You can drink the whole thing in one sitting. She will get cheered by the men as she drinks them. She will likely have to compete against another girl who is a semen drinker nearby. The girl who wins the competition will receive a prize. It can range from a cheap penis-shaped trophy of gold to a cheap dildo. Boukaki festivals now are linked with japanese communal hot tubs, orgy, and naked sports. This is a strange japanese tradition. It is strange because it seems that the women are willing to sacrifice their dignity and submit to their husbands to an extreme extent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finley Brady)