Bouji means: Boujee… SoundCloud Rappers correct spelling (in Community Dictionary, added by Karla Frost)

What else does Bouji mean?

  • You can have a horrible idea about an apprentice but still be part of the winning team. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Monroe)
  • You can be a bit or very serious. A really poor idea for The Apprentice TV Reality Show. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aydin Hartman)
  • The abbreviation of the term “bourgeoisie”, which means, in layman’s terms, stuck up, snobbish or thinking you are better than other people because your economic situation. This is the capitalist over peasant class. Bourgeoisie is originally used as “body of freemen living in a French city; the French middle classes,” taken from Fr. O.Fr. bourgeois burgeis, borjois 12c. “Town dweller”, as opposed to “peasant”, borc, “town, village,” Frank. See borough for burg. Communist term for the capitalist class. (in Community Dictionary, added by Junior Cantu)