Boswollocks means: Primarily British term meaning “nonsense”. Origin: This term was first used by Karl Pilkington during his Ricky Gervais guide to… podcast series in 2010. Thought to be confused with codswallop (in Community Dictionary, added by Natalia Ramírez)

What else does Boswollocks mean?

  • Boswollocks is sometimes confused with “boswellox”, an actual term used to describe an anti-wrinkle treatment. Karl Pilkington spoke of it on a podcast. Ricky Gervais and he were discussing the shampoo ad they saw. Stephen Merchant joked that it was called “a bunch of bollocks”, as in “a lot of bollocks”, because he wasn’t sure Karl or Ricky believed it, but they insist it was true. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heriberto Lorenzo)