bootz means: A slut who gets along mediocre men to show her “slutiness” is an ugly girl. These girls are often seen wearing big boots and bras with push-up cups. This girl is not to be afraid of, she’s just trying to do no harm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benjamín Méndez)

What else does bootz mean?

  • 1. A random gag everyone loves to laugh at. 2. Danny Palenstine/-Squatty (in Community Dictionary, added by Adonis Saunders)
  • This girl is not your typical type. This girl can be difficult to understand and it is possible for you to feel as if you are a non-Asian student in advanced mathematics class. Once you are in this “safe zone”, you will not want to be around any other girls. However, be aware that they may be very vicious and can make you feel bad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sidney Alexander)
  • To emphasize a word, it is added to a sentence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lena Turner)
  • This is used to declare your consent to something in a coveration that has just been said. First used by Miss Ericka Toure-Aviance. Now being shared all across the gay community via the Gay Pimpin’s podcast with Jonny McGovern. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esteban Jiménez)
  • Armenian Pussy in Vagina (in Community Dictionary, added by Iguanakee115)