boosty means: You can be stupid or dumb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patrick Wilcox)

What else does boosty mean?

  • It is a noun that means someone who tries to win approval from others. If they’re female, they might be a shovel or a mower. But if they’re male they could be a tool or chatch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Martín)
  • A woman who has excess fat hanging over her vagina. A 250-pounder can often have a boosty. Most boosties result from too many McDonalds hamburgers. A lot of chicken wings and hotdogs, as well as other grilled meat products is what causes the African American boosty. A lot of bologna sandwiches is the fastest way to gain a boosty. For penis satisfaction, the boosty can also be used by men during sexual intercourse. If the female is allowed to have sex with the boosty, she can feel a bizarre type of orgasim. Lesbians can also have boosty sex, by pointing out each other’s boosties. A “tramabomb” is the name of a booster fart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Rogers)