boom shankar means: Only one. Infinite supply of energy, joy and happiness. Amazing, the epitome coolness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Calliope)

What else does boom shankar mean?

  • It is a common name for Shiva, the main Hindu deity. His dance is rhythm, beat, and the cycle of day, night. His home is in the Himalayas. He smokes cannabis in the mountains. His hair falls from the mountain as the holy River Ganges. He is worshipped by “sadhus”, wandering mendicants who worship him and smoke chillums hashganja Marijuana. They are very well-liked among the wandering Indian freaks. Bom or boom or bem or bam are sounds that make a loud sound. Boom Shiva: This is what sadhus say before lighting the chillum. Translated loosely as “Oh Shiva…Im smoking chillum, Hey you sadhus! Come and share it!”. Also used in rave scenes while lighting chillums or even spliffjoints and then passing them around. You can also use boom, bem and bom as well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brynn Clayton)