bonkers means: Enjoy Happy HardcoreHardcore compliant CD. It is currently in its eleventh edition and features DJs like Scott Brown’s god Hixxy Sharky, Dougal, and Dougal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonah Jackson)

What else does bonkers mean?

  • Bonkers can be defined as going mad or nuts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Powell)
  • You can have nuts or bananas. This is a very common word that’s not slang and used to describe affectionately a certain state of mind, such as the one above. London Its click the link “bonk” attribute makes it a humorous sub-text. This could include copulation of the Carry On’ type. Also, bonk can be used to make humourous content. For an enhanced version, use the following words: “bloody bonkers” or “blimmin bonkers”, or “bloomin bonkers”, or “absolutely bonkers” esp. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kathleen Ponce)
  • Adj wild, crazy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaias Collier)