Bolillo means: A general term that refers to a person with white skin; a bread roll. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyla Barber)

What else does Bolillo mean?

  • Mexican white bread. Mexicans also refer to this term as gringo’s or guedos. This term is used by many Mexican acquaintances, including my wife. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marc Miles)
  • This term is used in Texas to refer to a person of white anglo-ancestry, but the more general meaning of this word is to describe bread Mexicans buy at their local “panaderias”, or bakeries. You can eat it with cofee or make tortas mexican low-income sandwiches. However, it isn’t always used with prejudice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cattywampus)
  • He didn’t say that, ignorant wretch. Your spanish is worse that your english.” Tombstone It’s surprising that no one has ever really attempted to define this term. However, Bolillo refers to a variety of Mexican white bread. However, I don’t agree with the second definition which states that bolillo can be a racial insult. I have never been to Central America, Mexico or Texas and had the impression that “bolillo” was something negative. This is a term that can be used to describe non-mexicans of light skin. For more related terms, see ‘gringo” and ‘guero. (in Community Dictionary, added by Banjolin)
  • This definition is incorrect and further proves that people believe everything they hear. Bolillo isn’t an affectionate word as it seems, but a racist term that has been used in certain Latin American countries to refer to a white person. Contrary to the term “gringo”, which can be used in a positive way to refer to a white person but is not usually negative, “bolillo”, almost always means “little white bread rolls”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leoncio Castro)