bokkie means: A derogatory term that describes the “better half” of boykie. Bokkies are wild animals that cannot be controlled. It is common for bokkies to possess multiple boys, sometimes relatives. They are often free from shame and remorse. To survive, a bokkie relies heavily on Klippies and Cortina. Found around Springs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)

What else does bokkie mean?

  • 1. South African. Both white and black South Africans can be used. (in Community Dictionary, added by NutilSwish)
  • Name of the word used by Elefant in “Bokkie”, a song about the famous band. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mckenzie Evans)
  • Afrikaans for “little bucks” is the term used to describe this term. It is also used for endearment with those you care about. It is almost only used by South Africans, and South African Expats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iyana Mullen)