bokeh means: This is a new feature that you can get for your iPhone when you pay too much. This was originally a Japanese art form that emphasized the artistic quality of blurring in out-of focus parts of images. It can be described as the “way that the lens renders out of-focus points light”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cocksure)

What else does bokeh mean?

  • A pervert is the pro-noun Noun— Out of focus light (in Community Dictionary, added by Agustín Mora)
  • This phrase was popularized in Apple’s recent commercial for the IPhone X R or IPhone X S. It describes a technique whereby the user blurs the background to focus on the foreground subject. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arnaldo Marín)
  • Pronounced as “Bokeuh”. This refers to artistic blur created by one’s camera lens, or through a theoretical camera in 3D scenes. Bokeh is also known as “Boke” or “Bokashi”. There is both good and bad Bokeh as in Japanese terminology. This is often used to create macro lenses, where the focal line is not clear and the subject must be drawn from the background. This is also true for 3D art. There is a major difference between computer-generated Bokeh and actual lens Bokeh. Photographers often get the perfect result by chance. Bokeh’s definition is not always clear, and it is not often known in Japan. It simply means the amount of blurred background used to define the image. Anybody who attempts to describe the meaning of Bokeh as “How blurred” or “How blurred” in a scene is incorrect. This refers to blur quality. This effect is a nightmare for 3D programmers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mathias Novak)
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  • This is the quality of blurring in the out-of focus areas. It refers to “how the lens renders out of-focus points light”. Different lenses and “fauxbokeh” photoshop techniques can dramatically alter the appearance of small highlights in blurry parts. Some examples of different types of bokeh are at en.wikipedia.orgwikiBokeh. (in Community Dictionary, added by Natasha Charles)
  • One trick used in photography to make sure that one area of the photograph is focused and not the rest. This is called bokeh. This is known as bokeh. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reinaldo Carmona)