Bobbittize means: A verb To “bobbittize” someone is to make him feel resentful, angry, or mad. Bobbittizing is a form of revenge. It comes from John Wayne Bobbitt’s bizarre marriage to Lorena Bobbitt. Their difficult relationship was made public by Lorena’s 1993 incident, in which Lorena cut or bobbittizd John’s penis using a knife. After surgery, the penis was surgically reattached. John Wayne Bobbitt, a high-intoxicated partygoer, arrived at Lorena’s Manassas VA home on June 23rd 1993. His wife Lorena was then raped by him. She got up and ran to the kitchen. She noticed the carving knife at the counter, and her “memories” of domestic abuses rushed through her mind. John was asleep in her bedroom, so she woke up and went back to work. She proceeded with the “bobbittizing” of approximately 2.5cm. Lorena attacked her husband and left her apartment. She then drove for a while with the severed penis. Then Lorena rolled down the window of the car and threw it into the field. She realized the gravity of the situation and stopped to call 911. The penis was found, wrapped in ice and transported to John Bobbitt’s hospital. His cock was successfully reattached after a nine and a half-hour procedure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zygomatic)