boba means: It is also a tapioca beverage. It is also an acronym for “Brought over by Airplane”, which is a modern, more contemporary way of saying “fob” as no one ever migrates with boats. Ironically, it’s used on asian fobs often since boba (a popular taiwanese beverage) is also common. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desirae Jefferson)

What else does boba mean?

  • A term used to call someone stupid, an idiot, or nerdy. This is part of the puerto-rican vocabulary. (in Community Dictionary, added by William French)
  • Tapioca balls is another name for boba. You can find it in most places. It is located at the bottom or cup of boba milk tea. Buo Ba is also pronounced in Mandarin. Literally, it means “big breast nupple”, as tapioca ballsbobas looks like a mother’s nipple. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marshall Hayden)
  • Small pearls made from black jelly. Usually found in milk-based teas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brittany Gay)
  • 1. Capital forename: Mr. Fett is the bounty hunter from Star Wars fame, who helped Han Solo escape at the end of Episode V: The Empire Strikes back. 2. Breasts, tits, norks, boobs, etc., 3. A floating, creamy-sugary ball that is rounded and can be found in many types of beverages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nolan Luna)
  • A tapioca ball is a variety of flavors, including sweet and large black. It can also be found in cold, flavored black or oolang teas as well as smoothies and slushies. Originated as a term for the beverage itself. It is bubble tea, which means that it has been shaken in order to ensure proper mixing and forming bubbles. This is a popular drink in areas with large asian populations, particularly in the annoyingly young bopper age bracket. You can find it in trendy coffee shops, Asian restaurants, cafes and juice bars, as well as at hole-in the-wall diners and other places like trendy cafés or coffee shops. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bo Hendricks)
  • Tapioca balls are small, and they’re often found in beverages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matias Jarvis)