blyat means: UkrainianRussian swear words that mean something like “fuck”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Albert Martínez)

What else does blyat mean?

  • The Russian word for link words is “link word” and it has recently become very popular due to Russian dominance on international internet resources. It emphasizes what was said before. Keep in mind, however that the Russian word for “blyad”, which means “slut,” is also found here. People spell “blyad”, even if they mean “blyat”, which is a subtle clue about the way the emphasis is placed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Menagerie)
  • Russian for “fuck.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Santiago)
  • Do not confuse “blyad”. Blyad is a whore, slut and other things. Blyat is an emotinal expression. It depends on the circumstance and how you speak. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Nicholson)
  • The russian word “Russian” is one of the most mysterious words in all of existence, which includes: Was it the undiscovered wonders of the universe? Is there a true God? If god did not desire us to eat his animals, then why has he made them out of meat? etc. so does blyat comes along. This word’s formal translation is “whore”, “slut”, and many other words. It is the oldest known proffesion in the world. However, Russians, Israelis, and others, without any slavic blood, use this word as a linkword. It is a curse for almost everything you can think of. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krystal Lester)
  • Russian sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristal Chung)