BlueFace means: Blueface, a rapper that will mop up the floor with every song. He rapps off the beat and will tell you how to get down THOTIANA on DEADLOCS songs: 1.thotiana ft. cardi ft. yg Songs: 2.freak littlech Songs: 3.bleed It songs: 4.deadlocs Songs: songs: 6. F.S.L ft. C-Nova x Lazer Songs: Stop Cappin Songs: 8.west Coast Songs: Respect my crypin songs: 10. The Next Big Thing songs: 11. Slide ft. french montana x Lil tjay songs: (in Community Dictionary, added by Dorian Harrell)

What else does BlueFace mean?

  • Johnathan Porter is his real name. He was a Los Angeles classical music composer and played the role of quarterback on his high school football team. His unique talents include voice cracks mid-lyric and rapping offbeat. He has released many great, poetic songs, such as “Deadlocs”, “Respect My Cryppin'”, “Freakbitch” and “Deadlocs”. However, white people have been taking a special liking to “Thotiana.” Since “Next Big Thing”, which was based around Blueface’s fame and his large penis, real fans tuned in to Next MozartTupac. (in Community Dictionary, added by Óscar Santana)
  • You will make your friend ejaculate by placing it in her mouth. BlueFace is not to be confused the rapper. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rylee Serrano)
  • To stop them from slipping, hide the wet sign. Respect his dead locs. WHERE IS THE MEAT. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Barr)
  • Blueface is 21 years old and hails from Los Angeles. He has received a lot of attention recently for his unique rap style. His fast flow, smoking G Herbo, his ability to rap offbeat, and cracking voice have made him a target of criticism. Blueface is a Crip and has Benjamin Franklin’s image tattooed on his left cheek. Blue is the 100 bill. Take two. Take two. Some of the most memorable songs include: Respect This Crypn Deadlocs Freak Bitch The Next Big Thing (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Cooley)
  • Rappers and artists using the term “blue face” to refer to Benjamin Franklin’s 100-dollar bill. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylin Stanley)