blue borough means: Blue Borough refers to the South East London borough of Lewisham. Because: Lewisham’s logo is in blue Blue dustbins. Blue street signs can be seen. These are the blue boroughs: Downham Grove Park, New Cross Brockley Lee Sydenham Lewisham Forest hill Hither Green Ladywell Blackheath Deptford Catford Bellingham Blue Borough houses several gangs including Anti Shower, Ghetto Boys and Deptford Boys as well as Young Deptford Boys and Hood Bangerz. Team Brockley has the Turnham Gang. Blue Borough houses some of the most notorious housing estates in America: WoodpeckerMilton Court Estates and Many More Blue Borough postcodes are: SE8, SE23 and SE12; SE6, SE26; SE14, Se4 AND A LITTLE OF SE3. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cándida Ramos)

What else does blue borough mean?

  • A term that refers to boroughs of Lewisham using blue coloured bins. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristian Ruiz)
  • Blue Borough refers to the London Borough Of Lewisham in South East London, England. The area is poor and revolves around gang violence. Blue Borough has been named the UK’s’most peaceful’ and’most violent place to live’ in this country, which is plagued with youth knife crime and murder as well as public disorder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Contraband)