bloft means: This term was invented by the landlord to sell their basement apartment for a lower price than it actually is. This is usually the sign that your are being swindled. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carl Lozano)

What else does bloft mean?

  • Verb: To create the impression that your product is better than it actually is. (in Community Dictionary, added by María Díaz)
  • Noun 1. A basement that was formerly unfinished, demolished, or abandoned in a home, building, warehouse or factory. It is transformed into a living area with style and elements from the original purpose. 2. Any space below grade that is converted, adapted or altered so that residents artists and dancers or gallery curators or directors and patrons can forget that they are living underground. 3. A legal basement apartment with heated concrete floors and glass block walls. Verb 1. You can create an extravagant living space for your basement that’s so luxurious and expensive that you would love to live there, but it’s not possible. Origin: 2010. E compound formation basement+ loft n. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alana Middleton)