Blem means: Blem can be used to describe a fag, cigarette or other smoking device. Many actions can be performed with the word “word” Come Blem, Come to a Cigarette Blem Motive: Let’s get a cigarette somewhere! Blem bong Hit bbm: Smoking tobacco from a bong to the point that you are unable to stand because of nicotine rush Blem Head: A person who likes to pull 9 cigarettes in one go and then get on with their day. I’m Blem- I am on a nicotine rush it bless like Yo, I Need a Blem. – This is what a blemhead has to say about someone who hasn’t had a fag for 2 minutes. Rinse Blem: When someone purchases a 50g pack of tobacco Golden Virginia, or Gold Leaf and then decides to rinse the contents and cure them in just a few hours. Blem can be described as a way of life, that you can use to make it through each day. Blem is a lifestyle, something that can be used to get through the day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonio Rubio)

What else does Blem mean?

  • The word drake means “high af” in the song. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Jenkins)
  • Blem, anuvva for “fags” or “ciggarettes”, is the Uvva term. This is most commonly used in the greata london region. (in Community Dictionary, added by Logan Dillon)