bleeding heart means: To be too sympathetic. People with bleeding hearts may mean well. However, they can be annoying because they have the most annoying little babies. These people have liberalistic goals and ideals, but don’t really understand the context. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jorge Cruz)

What else does bleeding heart mean?

  • Also see emocrats …. They are, as I prefer to refer them, bleeding-ass libertarians. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugenia Serrano)
  • Neocons use the term to mock people who care about the environment. They refer to the poor state of the public schools and the bullshit war on Iraq. (in Community Dictionary, added by Azuretoum)
  • A person who feels too sympathetically for an underprivileged group of people, but not enough sympathy for those they consider overprivileged. They believe that majority is responsible for minorities’ plights and that minority can never be held responsible. Many feel the public has an obligation to accommodate every group regardless of size. Although they claim to be anti-racism, many of them are actually racist towards whites and feel that the modern generation is responsible for their ancestors’ wrongdoings. These people will often pursue an ineffective degree with the money of their parents, but they won’t be found learning hard science. Bleeding heart does not simply refer to any person who is left-leaning. A bleeding heart does not mean one is a supporter of environmental and social causes. This refers to people who are not able to see the truth in their actions and take extreme views. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaac Ruiz)
  • 2. A person who shows excessive sympathy for a particular person or group. 2. Someone who is emotionally involved From the religious picture of Jesus’ bleeding heart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Beltran)
  • Feeling sorry and giving into emotions fast. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Núñez)
  • One of many perennial herbs from the genera Dicentra And Lamprocapnos, Particularly L. spectabilis, It is widely grown for their arching clusters pink, red, or white heart-shaped blooms. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Person who feels too sympathetic towards those who are considered to be exploited or underprivileged. (in AZ Dictionary)