Blatte means: A person who is an Arab can use Swedish language. The blatte can be annoying and a bit chavvy, but they are able to speak Swedish fluently. A blatte does not refer to themselves as a “nigga”, although some may call them that. While they may be violent while hanging out with their blatte buddies, they are professional suckups when on their own. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fizz)

What else does Blatte mean?

  • Swedish for “Arabs” does not refer to only Arabs. It could also be anyone of Eastern European or African descent. Blatte is also a culture. In this instance, anyone can become a Blatte. Blattecultur sounds a lot like African American Street Culture. They speak in slang such as Sho Bre meaning Sup Bro. They listen to Hip Hop and eat Kebabs, and they annoy other people. Others live in Ghettos like Bergsjon while others are educated and wealthy. These are African Americans and Hispanic Americans from Scandinavia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dimas Gómez)