Blanca means: A sexy, ugly girl everyone hates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariano Garrido)

What else does Blanca mean?

  • Blanca is one of the most bitter chums you’ll ever see. Blanca is incredibly proud and has the most stubborn attitude. Do not rely on her to solve problems and maintain a relationship. BITTER BITCH. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)
  • The Petite Hispanic girl that you want to have sex with in any position and put on a show. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xiomara Waters)
  • It can be translated as a ‘question’, or a’series’ of questions. Urban legend has it that there once was an energetic girl with flowers and shiny hair, who had a lot of energy. Legend has it that she began asking questions and there was never an end. The game was changed from 21 questions to 2100 questions by her and she has never stopped playing it. She was able to answer all her questions with no one in 7 realms. We should replace “question” with “Blanca”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Preston)
  • Blanca is the most sweetest thing. Although they are short and sweet, they can also be fandom obsessed and crazy. Beautiful kissers. Beautiful black hair with brown eyes. You can smile even on your worst days with her. Best person ever I love you Blanca. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philip Sweeney)
  • Spanish girl with a white appearance. She changes her hair every month. She is liked by all and never leaves home alone. It is often mistaken for another race except Black or Asian. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Garcia)
  • Blanca is the one who has it all. Although she doesn’t appear to be the kind of person who knows everything, it is clear that she has more than meets the eyes. Her beauty is extraordinary and she’s a stunning sight. You may find her the most beautiful woman that you have ever seen. Although she can sometimes be shy, once you find your sweet spot she will be one of the most fun, funny, and witty people you ever see. Blanca can be sensitive, but will not show it. Blanca can defeat anyone with a spoon, and she is extremely tough. Blanca loves the internet and has many online and offline friends. Blanca is very friendly and a joy to be with. You can count on her to be with you in your most difficult times, and she will also make sure that you are happy. Blanca will always be there to support you no matter what. She is weakest in love. Although she can fall in love with someone in less than four minutes, it’s not easy for her to get back in love. Blanca is delicate and easy to love, which doesn’t hurt. Although you can convince yourself that you don’t love her, you will be unable to deny it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Long)