Black Appeasement Culture means: Black appeasement (also known as “negrophilia”) can be traced back almost 100 years. It is characterized by its strong affinity towards people and things of African descent. It has become a popular way for institutions and individuals to appear cool with black men and be more in line with their thinking over the years. It was a common practice in America during 1960s. Pop groups paid homage to B.B King Muddy waters, and later adopted their style. This influenced decades of Afro-tainted pop music. The word street remains fundamentally black, even into 2020. This is because youth from all races unwittingly borrow style, music and speech – many of which are derived from Africa. This is evident in modern media, advertising and pop culture. There’s a lot of emphasis on mixed-race dating. This may result in the “challenger” being politically incorrectly condemned, even if it is in the name free speech. BLACK is the ‘word on street’ and it has been so for many decades. This is not because civil rights have been achieved, but to maintain street credibility. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Munoz)