bizarre means: 1.Fat rapper of the group D12. The group D12’s fat rapper. He is known for his hilarious lyrics. Although he’s not the most talented, he’s so hilarious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelton Dillon)

What else does bizarre mean?

  • The most well-known member of D12, 9of the people who listen to rap. Talks about having sex at nine years old and how he raped his family and tormenting his children. (in Community Dictionary, added by Conundrum)
  • Bizarre, also known as Rufus Johnson is the oddo in the D12 group. Bizarre has a strange love for shower caps, and collects tyre irons. Bizarre, RIP Big Prove and RIP Small Proof are the co-founders of D12. He was inspired by KRS One, the rap pioneer, and has worked with Pace Won (Young Zee), Rah Diggah (Redman), and many others. In 1997, he released his first album. The album is called The Attack Of The Weirdos. Hanni Cap Circus, his first album with mainstream appeal was released in 2005. The Rock Star video is an ironic look at Bizarres life following “quitting” his group. It’s fictional. Bizarre currently works on Blue Cheese’N Coney Island. It is scheduled for release October 23rd 2007. He raps in a funny and hilarious style with filthy lyrics. Bizarre’s work is often overlooked, but he has some really interesting pieces, such as local collaborations between DJ PDog, King Gordy, and King Gordy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fatima Wagner)
  • D12 Rapper, with lyrics that are both very poetic and offensive. His lyrics are also so hilarious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Siena Graham)
  • In style and appearance, strikingly unusual and outlandish; strange. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cottarme12345)
  • Extremely unusual or outlandish, particularly in an striking or surprising way. synonym : fantastic . (in AZ Dictionary)