Bishops Finger means: The use of euphemism to describe the activities and attachments of boy-hungry paedophiles was called euphemism. It can be descriptive as in My turds are as brown as Bishop’s fingers. That’s quite a bit of fiber! It’s also available in England. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joyce Stein)

What else does Bishops Finger mean?

  • It’s the heavenly act to finger a girl while she fucks her vaginally. Then, look her in the eye, remove the finger and stick a nearby unscathed one in your mouth. You’ll be a jerk to her that she sucked the shit from your finger, and then start screaming at you. But it is a saintly act that you forced her to eat her own blood. This is the Battling Bishops Mascot at Ohio Wesleyan University. The act was born, occurred, and was named in 1997. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Reilly)