bipole means: Bipolar disorder sufferer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Barrett)

What else does bipole mean?

  • Bipole, one of three Sub-Series of the Lemniscate Multiverse is primarily a Video Game Series. The letter R ex is used to identify the 21 first games in the series. The Retro Bipole series includes “Bipole XIX Empires” and “Bipole XIX Quest”. Except for Bipole XV Battle Simple and Bipole XIX Quest, these games take place in the Retro Timeline universe, which is separate from the current series. With the new Bipole series, which includes the games Bipole II, Investigations, Bipole I: Conspiracy of a Mechanical Entity and Bipole IV, Liberation of Xuir, the series’ numeric order was reset. Although the Bipole series is inconsistent in its genre, it usually contains some RPG elements or is an RPG. The series also has a complicated timeline, which is only understood by the lore director and can confuse even developers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelly Sharp)