Bionic Seahorse means: The sexual position where the victim will be perforated puts his legs behind his head. The act of penetration begins after this. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lainey Tucker)

What else does Bionic Seahorse mean?

  • Megan Huber, Andrew Tuwiler are the preferred pool participants. This is also known as the best position for sex in a swimming pool It is accomplished by placing the females legs on the shoulders of the males. ;D There are many variations, including the Semi-bionic Seahorse and Whoping Seahorse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiana Park)
  • It is the act of sitting down on your stomach and performing oral sex while flapping your hands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quinn Archer)
  • A man who pulls his legs under his head, and then places his penis between his legs so that it protrudes outward. The woman then rides her penis, until she experiences an orgasm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angelica Barnett)
  • A bionic seahorse position is featured in Dane Cook’s vicious circle. It is the position in which the man lifts one leg as though he was stretching his quads and holds onto his foot. Then, he moves through the water like a seahorse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Harding)
  • A sexual act in which the male sits on a ladder or step in a pool, and the female is kneeling in the water. This results in the motion of a seahorse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Vance)