Bindipper means: Slang was intended for British football lovers from Liverpool. They search through the bins looking for food. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cedric Townsend)

What else does Bindipper mean?

  • Manchester-based person/people. They have been trying to conceal the fact they were the ones who dipped the bins long before the scousers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alvin Callahan)
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  • Scouser is an Inhabitant of Liverpool Self Pity City. Also see dipper Habits: Food foraging in trashbins Addiction to grieving Granny stabbing Claims for compensation Drunk driving Total lack of humility and self-deprecation Thieving Stanley Park: Stabbing people Talking to anyone in a radius of 8 feet and putting phlegm there (in Community Dictionary, added by Adonis Saunders)