big kahuna means: A person of high authority or importance from the kahuna. This is the Hawiian name for a healerpriest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Solomon Moore)

What else does big kahuna mean?

  • An extremely large man’s penis. If a man is very large, it can also be used as a reference to his unit. Extremely large, at least 9 ins. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Barnett)
  • Noun. 1. A person who is a great shot can also be called a bigshot. This is a broad term that includes no specifics. A pimp could be called a Big Kahuna and the CEO of Fortune 500 can also be called that. They can be called different kinds of sleaze. Grand Moff. (in Community Dictionary, added by Labyrinth)
  • Solid and long turds. The turd will taper at the ends like a joint. They usually give a good first flush, but it may take more than one flush before the toilet bowl can drain them. They are friendly, ideal turds. The best friend of a shitter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aliya Werner)
  • A person who is the most powerful or influential in a company or industry. (in AZ Dictionary)