Big Daddy Long Stroke means: This is a term that describes a man who has slept with many women and is very wealthy. Doggy style is his preferred position for having sex with a woman nine times out of 10. Because he is able to lean slightly back, while the large male can maneuver in and out of a woman’s uterus smoothly and hardenedly. Although women rarely complain, if ever about Big Daddy Long Strake’s sexual performance, they do tend to refer to these men as assholes or bastards to their female friends. Despite all the name-calling, whether it is in her face, over the phone or in her head, her bedmate will still sleep with Big Daddy Long Strake because he can cause her to bend her knees, curl her toes, sweat, and pussy cum 4-12 times per hour to one night of sex. You can count on me. These types of men could be a man’s boyfriend, husband or fiancee. They may also tell others about their Long Stroke and make it easy for people to try what they are getting. If he’s a sneaky Long Stroke, he may have sex only with women he knows. It’s sad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laura Cuevas)