BFFL means: Future friend, best friend A term used to refer to a friend who is your best friend. Both of you are aware that you’ll be together in the near future. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eulalia Cambil)

What else does BFFL mean?

  • BFFL can be used to refer to an inextricable bond between friends. This term is usually used by two girls who are drunk at Denny’s following a night of drinking. A BFFL does not consist of speaking letter by letter. Pronouncing each letter individually is a sign of incompetence and carries less significance. True BFFL should be spoken as one word. When it is properly spoken, it should sound similar to BIFFEL. However, it must always be written BFFL You can use BFFL as a noun, for example: “We are BFLFLING”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebeca Ruiz)
  • Your best friend for the rest of your life. They are your support system, your confidante, and your person to vent all your frustrations to. A person you can always count on, even when they aren’t there. You can rely on them because they will always be ready to take out any attacker who hurts you. You can also be an idiot around this person and not care. Also, you are never a bitch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Rey)
  • Friends for the rest of your life A BFFL (best friend, family member or close confidante) is not a friend. This person will not, nor can you, conceal your feelings. You are as close as your family to them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Mason)
  • Acronym means “best friends for the rest of your life.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Folderol)
  • The acronym BFFL stands for “Best Friend For Life”. It is used to describe people who like one another but are aware that they will not be best friends after death. It is not as binding as “Best Friends Forever” or BFF. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amina Andrews)