Beta Theta Pi Oshkosh means: Beta Theta Pi is the Zeta Zeta Chapter of national fraternity Beta Theta Pi. It can be found at UW Zero in Wisconsin-Oshkosh UW Zero. In Oxford, Ohio 1839. Zeta Zeta has long been known as a Zeta Zeta Chapter for their donations to local organizations. They also hold high-ranking positions in UW Oshkosh’s student government, including vice presidents of OSA. You’ll be able to see the difference if you just hang out for a night with some guys. If you’re a Beta from Oshkosh, getting laid with the hottest girls is easy. They are a true gentleman’s fraternity on campus as well as for the women. Many women were brokenhearted by the Beta Boys during the first years of Oshkosh’s chapter. They wanted them so badly that they couldn’t have them, so many women had to go to sororities to show how they felt about them. Some gentlemen were able to travel with multiple women simultaneously. If you’re a Beta member of Oshkosh, this is not unusual. The ladies seem to enjoy sharing. This just shows how amazing they are together with the best men on campus. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eulalia Cambil)