Benet Academy means: The sex icons are like Johnny sins. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Cano)

What else does Benet Academy mean?

  • Only some white, wealthy fucks. nazareth is better. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicholas Humphrey)
  • Catholic Preschool in Lisle, Illinois. Everyone hates Benet. Despite the fact that there are many talented teachers and students at Benet, Benet has raised over 100,000 for Dupage County’s less fortunate residents in just two weeks. While it is known for its stubbornness, many of the students have similar financial situations to the public schools. There are many smart students and positive vibes. Particularly bright is the junior class: (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Barrett)
  • Name of a Catholic private high school in Lisle. The students seem to believe they are God’s gift for humanity. The academy is a private school and requires that students pass an entrance exam to be admitted. This makes it a unique institution. Eighth graders are a bunch of pompous hopefuls that believe they’re better than everyone else. They don’t belong in the filthy public schools, and instead learn with the criminals. It is a joke. The only purpose of the entrance exam is to allow Benet Academy attendees to claim that they took a test in order to be where they are today. The neighboring town of Naperville is often referred to as the most douchy in Chicagoland. However, students and alumni of Benet Academy are not subject to this misleading stereotype. This reputation is accurate for these individuals. Benet and its graduates are hated by all public school students within 50 miles of it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wayne Bird)
  • Benet Academy, a Catholic four-year college preparatory high school in Lisle (IL), is co-educational and Catholic. It is a challenging school that offers academic challenges. The school’s students regularly have the best ACTSAT scores in Illinois. 100 percent of the graduates go on to college, many going to Ivy League and private universities. They also receive academic scholarships. The 112-year-old history of Benet Academy includes the education both of St. Procopius Academy’s young men and Sacred Heart Academy’s young ladies. They operated independently until 1967 when they were combined to form the co-educational Benedictine school Benet Academy. Benet Academy offers a competitive entrance examination that allows for approximately 500 applicants to compete for 300 places in the freshman classes. The tuition is comparable to other private schools within the area, but less expensive than similar private schools located in Chicago or north suburbs. Benet Academy has a variety of extracurriculars, including drama, music, community service and student government. Benet Academy’s girls and boys basketball teams have been able to compete in the past. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sarai Guerrero)
  • Private catholic high school located in Lisle (IL). It is made up of many privileged white children, as well as some students who did not have the best financial luck to get in. There is plenty of competition from wealthy kids if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to join them. You’ll do fine if you stick with the right people. There are many great schools, some good sports and a lot of smart graduates. (in Community Dictionary, added by OctavHeyday)