Belly inflation means: You can fuck your arteries by intoxicating yourself with water. This will make your stomach grow bacteria and cause some doctors to consider quitting sharing a world of retards with you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Díaz)

What else does Belly inflation mean?

  • Inflation is when you insert a tube or a hose up to your stomach and force air or water in your belly until your belly expands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mollie Robertson)
  • Inflation of the belly is usually done in one way or another. These are the two options: Via Air Vie Water Enema First, we’ll talk about inflation. First, a pump that can inflate your belly is needed. These devices can include a bike pump, an aquarium pump, or a pump that pumps air. They are ideal because they can both pump air and also have long hoses that allow for quick inflation. To ensure that air does not escape, the hose should be inserted 3 to 4 inches above the anus. The air is forced slowly into the colon and into the rectum. The colon walls are pushed by this air as it rises. The belly expands as a result of this pressure. Sometimes, there is little or no improvement in the first inflation. However, with practice it is possible to expand your waist by more than 40 inches. Then, let the air out naturally. Water inflation Showers are the most popular place to inflate water. Showers are equipped with heads that attach to long hoses. The heads can be taken out and the hosenozzle inserted in her anus. Next, slowly increase the pressure to inflate the abdomen. You can often achieve larger belly expansion by simply practicing. Most girls will increase the pressure by increasing it to higher levels. This can push your belly out and create lots of pressure. The best form of inflation is that which results in plumpness. Two years’ experience has shown that over eight gallons can be kept for more than 10 minutes. This results in a softened, pale and stretched stomach. This roundness can be quite desirable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odin Valenzuela)