Behzinga means: Put some rice on the plate and then slip into the shower. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Barnett)

What else does Behzinga mean?

  • This kid must be behzinga. He has hair gel and the latest nerf guns. He is a miner and steals the girl friend on duty. Although he may be the most popular kid in the neighborhood, many of the other behzingas are younger than 10. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philosophy)
  • He’s a svelte blondhead, but he still looks fat. He used to be obese because he is unstable, can’t manage his eating issues, and is just an innocent prick for cameras. The selfish, ginger-snogging, single-looking man, who is vikk snogging, looks like a lonely, uncaring person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coulter)