begrieve means: Pronunciation: bee grev Function: adverb, For Inflected forms: Begrieve. Etymology: Middle English is a derivative of Old English beon. It’s akin the Old High German bim, Latin fui have been, futureus about to happen, fieri will be, Greek phynai, and the word grief from Middle English greven. Anglo-French grever comes from Latin gravare, which means to carry, or from gravis heavy. Because the word “grieve” didn’t have enough “umph”, the word be was created in 1970. Lenny Williams doesn’t actually use the word “begreive” for the record. It actually says, “I wont never leave you baby…I will not ever grieve for you baby.” Date: Mid 1970 BA, AA and before and after afro Transitive verb 1: To have cause to suffer: DISTRESS. 2: To feel, show or grieve over the loss of one’s senses. 3: To answer the question about what the singer is saying. The desire to be able find the right answer on the Internet. : SELFRIGHTREOUS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Shannon)