Beezing means: You can put your health at risk by using drugs or other illegal substances or lying to others. Negative health consequences can be caused by acting selfishly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heath Webster)

What else does Beezing mean?

  • The act of beezing is the ingestion of an addictive substance, such as cocaine or methamphetamines, while being surrounded by emaciated, horribly defamed Middle Eastern men who are armed with hamplanets and tits. Your low functioning autistic friend may be affected by your Beezing behavior. He might not buy his favorite muffins or ignore his pleas for help. (in Community Dictionary, added by Verónica Medina)
  • Burt Bees are used to cause euphoric feelings of burning and elation by being applied on the upper and lower eyelids. Beezing, which is associated with alertness and calm, is very popular both in academic and social settings. Origins: Colby College and The Echo Office (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Cabrera)