becket means: He is a cool guy, and he prob won’t pb in SMS anymore. His current pb reads 1:20:37. Necket Switchgasm Switchchamp. These mom streams are incredible. twitch.tvswitchmaster64. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inocencio Delgado)

What else does becket mean?

  • Sometimes a mythical creature can look similar to many storybook characters like shrek or gollom. He also claims that he is a lady killer in order to distract from his appearance. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cayden Reid)
  • This shark, lion and wolf-killing thing is very dangerous. (in Community Dictionary, added by Geovanni Benton)
  • This is the most beautiful, small town in Massachusetts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Alvarado)
  • An instrument, such as a hook, eye, looped rope or grommet that holds or secures loose ropes or spars. (in AZ Dictionary)